June 10, 2013

New Home

As life continues to whizz past, we all hang on and make the most of what we have. You have obviously noticed my family of foodies status has dwindled to a deathly existence. When my reality started getting busier than my online life, keeping up with both wasn't happening.
As a new wind blows in I am excited to say we are having a family upheaval and moving overseas for the next twelve months. I decided family of foodies was no longer keeping up with where we are as a family so I have decided to start a new blog about our coming year and I need a platform to talk about all things family...not just the food.
SO, if your interested in following a bit of madness and reading about the trials and tribulations of my life abroad then please visit me here for Italy Take Two. I'm not sure what will happen but I do know food will be involved and lots and lots other stuff!


Camilla x

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