May 23, 2012

Lamb shanks or chops?

Winter is trying very hard to settle into Sydney and I have fallen victim to the cool winds blowing in off the harbour, thinking I'd better start cooking heartier family meals. The boys are in full swing with their Aussie rules football (also a winter sport) which means they are all ways starving hungry after training and always wanting something more than what is on offer.

The boots were kicked off in the hall last week and the cries of 'whats for dinner mum?' started and quickly followed by....'Is that smell for us or your customers??'.
 I have been doing a few dinner parties of late, filling the house up with slow braising pork, marinated lamb shoulder and a few other yummy, intoxicating smells. I was happy to report the lamb shanks ticking away were in fact for the family and will be ready shortly. (I could of said they will be ready in 10 seconds and that still would of been a long wait for them).

 Max's routine of waiting for dinner after footy training or in general usually consists of him curling up on his favourite chair (always the rattiest one in the house) and reading a book while looking very pained that no food had entered his mouth the second he walked in the house. Alex on the other hand takes himself off into the land of make believe and drama where all thought of food goes out the window until he starts to feel a bit light headed.
Tonight's dinner was no exception. Max set the table and was quizzing me about lamb shanks and had he ever had them before? what do they look like and are they beef?? What? Beef! Lamb boy, LAMB!

While Max was giggling at his mistake I started the reminder calls to Alex "Alex, dinners just about ready.......Alex come and wash your hands.....Alex, dinner......DINNER IS READY NOW!'
When I am just about to loose it Alex strolls out dressed for dinner.........

'Smells good mum', he says '...but it's going to be a bit hard to eat, can I have a straw?'
I mean what do you say to that? 
Max is already a third of the way into his lamb shank when he starts telling me it is the best thing he has ever eaten, Alex on the other hand is staring at his plate thinking a bowl of soup would be more convenient for him in his outfit.

Starving or not Max, Nic and I licked our dishes clean and were really satisfied with our wintery lamb shanks. Alex on the other hand ate all the mash potato and beans then declared "Yeah well, I'm not really a good lamb eater- I prefer meat I can pick up on a stick, you know, like a chop or something".

Would that be a lamb chop Alex??

May 12, 2012

Donuts dusted in nutmeg sugar

One of my all time favourite pleasures in life are donuts just out of the oil and dusted in sugar and cinnamon. I love, love, love them! A few years ago I decided to spend mothers day with my mum in Tassie. It also happened to be the same weekend as Agfest (a massive Agricultural event) and dad was in the Rotary caravan making none other than sugar coated donuts- you betcha I volunteered to help!

I know how bad they are for you and I know you really don't need them, and this is why I haven't had one since then. However, when I got the latest Saveur email and saw the delectable photo of donuts I couldn't help but whip up a batch. They would have to be one of the easiest recipes I have made in a long time and they taste fantastic!!!! But don't take my word for it, click on this link and make them for yourself....your family, neighbours, whoever. I can guarantee one thing, they won't last long.

And while I'm on the subject of favourite things, I also am an avid lover of cake stands and lids (I know weird right?) anyways, this is a great find and a wonderful blog that kindly featured family of foodies as one of it's favourite blogs of the month, so if you have time, stop by and check it out.