January 22, 2009

Thanksgiving Photos as promised


 It has been a long time since I have been able to sit down at my computer to start blogging and down loading photos again. Since we packed up the house in November and jumped from one friends house to the next, life has been pretty bumpy. We had a brilliant time in the last months of our Evanston stay and have to say we are missing the hospitality and chilies America has to offer. However we are back in our native Australia and looking forward to visiting Sydney's food markets and eating/finding the best meat pies, sausage rolls while sipping on a Boags (for you non Aussies, I am happy to introduce you to James Boags when you arrive!)

 Now I have to back up a bit and show you the feasting from last November. As described to you in my last blog entry, we really did have a delicious Thanksgiving dinner and I think it only fair to show you the delicious feast.
It is with pleasure to tell you I will be back tomorrow with a blog about one pan meals considering we are still waiting for our things to arrive from the States...last heard they were floating around the Pacific, lets just hope it is on the back of a ship! It is fantastic to be back and I look forward in blending cultures with food and antics in 2009. 

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Mal Streeter said...

We are very happy to have you back in Australia, look forward to reading all about the food you may cook us on our trip to Sydney, or the food I might cook you when you come to Tassie.