April 7, 2010

Pork tenderloin with salsa verde

Pork is really underrated in Australia, I think I have mentioned this once before. I was talking with a customer the other day and she was asking me what would be a healthy meal other than chicken. When I suggested pork she quickly added 'but that is so fatty'--not true!

After living in the States for a good while, I got to realise a few things and one of them is -pork is not our enemy.
Didn't we have that ad a few years back 'get some pork on your fork'?
 I am sure that must of been in Australia because whenever I sung/verbalised that phrase to my American friends, I was always looked at with a curious look (more than usual!).
Pork tenderloin is just as mouthwatering as eye fillet if you ask me. It is extremely versatile, tasty, and simple to cook.
I came up with this little number a little while ago, while living in Virginia. I had to do a cooking demo at a client's house and she requested pork and something to do with vegetables. I knew this lady was a foodie so I had to come up with a really yummy, interesting, and flavour packed dish.
At the time I was having a bit of a thing for herbs and sauces. I decided I wanted to serve the pork and veggies with a bread based salsa verde (the Italian way). The end result was a huge success. Not only did the meal take a very short time to prepare but they loved the fact that they could use the leftover verde for a pasta sauce later on in the week.

One of my testers, Barbara, uses this recipe quite a bit. She told me it was a great crowd pleaser and quick to prepare especially if you make the verde and marinate the pork the night before.
Of course when I cooked this I didn't make it the night before, however I did have the luxury of an extra half hour up my sleeve. So with the music cranking out the tunes, a cold beer in hand, I took my time in the kitchen and was not disappointed. In the original recipe I served this dish with couscous, but I forgot that (and didn't think to look at the recipe that was inches from me) and proceeded to par boil new potatoes, sliced them and popped them on the grill along with capsicum, zucchini and green beans.

 To my surprise, Max didn't like the verde, or was it the colour he didn't like? Anyway he didn't even taste it (sticking your tongue out in the same direction as your fork with the green stuff on the end is NOT tasting as far as I am concerned), while Alex on the other hand spread it all over his pork and of course, left his zucchini- will I ever win that battle?
The boys and I throughly enjoyed getting some pork on our forks and also looked forward to leftover pork sangos for lunch the next day.
 If your ever looking for a healthy change from chicken, I highly recommend a pork tenderloin for any occasion, be it roasted, stir fried or pan seared- you wont be disappointed.


TKW said...

That looks like Spring on a plate!

Bryan said...

Pork Tenderloin is one of my absolute favorites... This looks great and well prepared. It is such a crime to over cook this.

Dinners and Dreams said...

The pork looks so tender and perfectly cooked, and the salsa verde is so appetizing. Great recipe!