October 3, 2011

High Tea to You

Look I haven't fallen off the face of the earth, nor have I been eaten by aliens or had surgery to my hands.
 No, I have been on a path trying to find a new direction for my life. More importantly, I have been trying very hard to start living my life the way I actually want to, instead of my work life ruling me.

As most of you know I have been working in the corporate catering sector where I spend most of my days feeding people in suits lovely sandwiches, rolls and salads. If I get really lucky I get to cook hundreds of homemade beef, lamb and chicken pies, sweet chili sausage rolls and even cupcakes. I shouldn't complain as I have also been known to feed the odd celebrity on their trip to Sydney. Only the other day I made Hugh Jackman's steamed veggies with bye eye cod (which I am happy to report he loved), but believe it or not it just isn't ticking all the food boxes for me. I have met so many wonderful people in the two years I have had Sydney corporate catering but it has also been a toll on my family life. The boys know way to much about my work kitchen and not so much about their mum....that is unless I am telling them 'in a minute' 'No, don't touch that, don't eat that...' blah,blah.

Sydney corporate catering has been SOLD to a wonderful, young, energetic and blissfully single lady who cannot wait to take it on and I couldn't be happier. For these past few weeks I have been thinking of what I am to do with myself in between a few really busy days in the kitchen. If the past few weeks are a sign, I'll be flat out until handover at the end of the month.

Not being one to sit back, relax and wait for things to come to me. I have been wondering what it is that I really would like to do. What do I love about cooking and the hospitality industry?

One of my favourite past times is High tea. For my 18th birthday I went to the ex Hobart Sheraton with my mum and dad and enjoyed the delights of small pastries, cucumber sandwiches and hot floral tea.

Every year I turned another year older in Chicago, my good friend Sara use to spoil me and take me to high tea spots around Chicago. The last time we were seen out eating divine cakes and pastries was just after Alex was born and it is a memory I always turn to when I need a pick me up.

  When I decided I would like to bring a bit of glamour, flare and happiness to others the art of a good high tea was first on my list.

A few weeks ago I bought the name "High Tea to You" and within a week I had my first booking- a bridal shower, how perfect! It is a business in progress but a business I cannot wait to grow. Because my family have put up with my 12-15 hour days, cooking until all hours of the night and extremely early starts I have decided to keep the high teas to weekends and very special events. Now all I need to do is find a day job where flexibility is the key and the working day ends after 8 hours.......shouldn't be to hard, right? Pity I haven't worked out how to blog for a living :)

And just in case you are thinking you would like your own high tea at your house, a beautiful park or special place then give me a buzz at camillabaker.com and let it happen!

 Jansz on ice with chicken and cucumber sandwiches, prawn cocktails and mini berry brioche....

Not to mention the lemon curd tarts, scones jam and cream and red velvet cakes that were the biggest hit.

Bride to be Nicky going in for a scone with her cup of tea.


Susie said...

I have always wanted to go to high tea. My Serbian Grandma always had 3 o'clock coffee, and we sometimes honor her with a cup of Jo and something sweet, but I think the porcelain cups, the finger sandwiches and the beautiful sweets sounds perfectly civilized! Congrats on your new path...much success to you!

Bryan said...

It looks like you and I were kind of suffering from the same thing only different. It is good to see you back! I love the new branch of your business, weddings, showers and the lot a tons of fun to cater.

Wendy said...

Just found your blog Camilla - love it! Had to laugh about "Pity I haven't worked out how to blog for a living" I feel the same! I sell cookbooks through mine, but it still remains a bit of a hobby. Looking forward to following your more relaxed adventures, Wendy x

Karina said...

Congratulations Camilla! What a wonderful start to a new journey for you, enjoy it and enjoy the extra time with your family, Karina xx

Oh, and just for the record, High Tea is one of my favourite things to do also!!

celeste said...

Oh, Camilla, this is a fabulous idea!
I am such a fan of high tea and to take it on the road is superb. All my best wishes for a successful venture,