August 26, 2012

Mini baked cheesecakes

I had a catering job last week that called for a 1.5 kilo block of cream cheese. This is a lot of cream cheese!
I got through about a kilo of it for my function and was left with the perfect amount for a family cheesecake. The last time I made cheesecake I didn't quite get the response I was after from the boys so I decided to revisit my old recipe and see if I could tweak it some how. I can't remember when I last made a full sized cake for the family? My mini cheesecake tin is an absolute favourite of mine at the minute and I love the look of individual portions not to mention the portion control. If I'd made a regular cheesecake I would of got about 10 pieces from it, however, the individual sizes gives me 14 portions which also makes me feel less guilty when I eat one.
OK so back to making these little lovelies.....I remembered I guessed the butter-biscuit ratio for the base last time and I hadn't put enough butter, hence, this time around I followed my original recipe to the T and was very happy with the end results as you can see.....

I didn't do a lot of changing, however, I did make a much better batch than the last effort and I think that was because of two reasons:
a) I set the oven at 170 degrees and turned the fan off
b) I beat the cream cheese and sugar until it was light and fluffy, then I added the cream

Whether I am right or wrong I cannot say for sure but one thing I do know, the family are hanging out for afternoon tea time just so they can have their own little cheese cake and lick the plate clean.

These light and yummy morsels are passion fruit and blueberry flavoured, however, I know they will work beautifully with raspberries (fresh or frozen), chocolate, orange, lemon, rhubarb, apple and the list goes on.


Anonymous said...

Camilla those cheesecakes look delicious! Q - how long do you cook them for?
I was thinking of you today. I was helping Mum and Dad clear out stuff out of their house (they are moving out of my childhood home this week and downsizing). One of my tasks was clear out the old cookbooks - most were from the 70s: lots of Margaret Fulton and a lot of very 'noice' presentation of meals. Gee the 70s were a classy decade!! And yes, I've kept some of the cookbooks.
Hope all is well with you and the family.

Camilla Baker said...

The first question that popped into my head was- god I hoped you saved some!! :) It's good to look how far food styling has come.
As for the cheesecakes I cooked them for about 25minutes or until they start to 'puff' and then pull them out of the oven, let them cook then remove.
It looks like you have been busy blogging...sorry I was stalking blogging!

Andy said...

I like the splash of colour from the blueberries!