November 6, 2008

Burgers on election night

It's happened, Obama brought it home (cheers and wolf whistles yeah, yeah!!) and what a way to celebrate with the most American thing I could think of- The burger.
  It was a long, glorious day for the boys and I yesterday. The kids got let out of school at 12 so they could use the local schools as voting stations, which meant we got to hang out at the beach on a warm, sunny November afternoon while the candidates were sweating bullets! We met up with a gang/gaggle of friends and the boys (and girls) played non stop making use of the summer treat that was left for us. I tell you this bit of back ground for you to understand why it wasn't possible to eat together as a family last night. I had dinner all planned, burgers- quick, yummy and a family favorite but for my little guys waiting until dad got home at 5.30 was near impossible. The sun had worn them out and all they wanted to do when we finally arrived home a few minutes before 5 was eat and go to bed!
 I usually do oven potato chips with burgers but I knew that would be pushing it with the boy so I grated up some carrot and onion and mooshed it in with the beef for a veggie hit. Searing them off, adding extra sharp cheddar and a piece of tomato for Max, dinner hit the table just before Nic walked in the door and the boys were scoffing, licking their lip with approval. It wasn't until the last couple of bites that Alex spotted the carrot yet he polished off every last bit!
 Now ours on the other hand were of the 'classic' variety. A delicious meat patty, seasoned with salt and pepper and then thrown on the gill with onions- oh how I love grilled onions, especially with the crisp very, very browned bits! To turn it up a notch I added a good dollop of  Kerrygold garlic butter and let that coat the grilled onions while I waited for the Swiss cheese to melt all over the juicy patty. Simply served with lettuce and thick tomato slices, this was pure heaven for the meat lovers we are.
I congratulate Obama in his victory and raise my beer and toast a very simple yet scrumptious meal the American burger can be if you just put a bit of thought into its construction, be it for a 3 year old or a thirty-something year old.


Roisin said...

Hey Camilla, nice one. Those grilled onions seem like such a (non-American) kickback! Love the idea of the G&H butter melting on them.

Camilla Baker said...

It's good to revisit the past from time to time. I'm pretty sure you'll still find onions grilling on the barbie in OZ- I guess I'll find out soon enough!
Thanks Roisin