November 18, 2008

The last supper on Hinman

Time has come to face facts-although the cupboards are not bare the floor certainly is and dining on the floor with the kids is proving to be a challenge. Alex seems to think that the whole floor is considered the 'table' and proceeds to flick himself all over it while munching on his sandwich. Max on the other hand doesn't really do anything except eat and encourage his brother to fool around. 
I have decided to take a sabbatical from the blog until I have interesting food adventures once again. For the next few weeks while we're transitioning countries I'll take this time to gather thoughts and photos and then hopefully have a few interesting tales to tell when I am back on track again. Until then, enjoy the festivities of Thanksgiving, Christmas and what ever else comes you way. 
I'll be back......

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Mal said...

Have a safe journey Milly, thanks for all your food tips. Look forward to Christmas lunch! Mal