September 6, 2009

Father's Day French Toast

Today is Father's Day this side of the world- Happy Father's Day to all the dads in Australia!

Nic doesn't really celebrate Father's day but I do so I will always try to make it a day where the boys at least have a smile on their dial for dad and treat him with kindness and goodwill for the first part of the morning. Being at such a young age it really isn't that hard, it also helps when they have ready made school cards to give dad.
Alex was bursting at the seams waiting to give Nic his homemade tie card, while Max casually throws Nic his 'give a hand' card trying not to exert to much emotion (you really get so cool when your 7 and I believe it doesn't change until your late twenties!)
After Nic was well wished and the cards tossed to him the boys told us of their deathly hunger pains and asked when were we going to get up and make breakfast??
I simply replied "Your making breakfast for your dad".

Alex was totally amped and wanted to race into the kitchen and use every sharp knife available, while Max was deep in thought wondering what it was that he and Alex could make. I suggested French toast seeing as that was one of their dad's favorite breakfasts. Alex cheered and screamed something at us in full volume while Max told me they needed an adult to help. I agreed and told them we'd meet in the kitchen in 5.
Sadly I wasn't over organized so I didn't have any delicious homemade bread left, instead I had a stack of wholemeal sliced bread that would have to do. To add to my yummy father's day breakfast I'd run out of maple syrup and of course there was no bacon in the house (Can you tell I have just gone back to full time work not to mention my own business?).
Not to worry, I decided to make an Australian French toast with oranges and golden syrup!

The boys were great at cracking the eggs into the container; brilliant at measuring in the milk, and sprinkling in the cinnamon, Max even buttered the bread while Alex zested the orange with glee but when it was time to actually cook the toast there were no boys in sight. After calling for help I was simply told I could do the rest because the good stuff was all done and they were really hungry so could I please just cook it already!
With that said who was I to argue? Even though it was store bought bread and I only had a third of the ingredients we managed to make a really tasty brekky and Max told me we should make french toast like this all the time so if your looking for something a little different you should give this a go as it works a treat.

French toast- Australia style
8 slices wholemeal bread (buttered both sides with butter)
4 eggs
1 cup milk
zest one orange
2 teaspoons orange juice
a sprinkle of cinnamon
pinch salt
50g butter
golden syrup
1 orange, peeled and cut into slices

In a long container (one big enough to hold two slices of bread) crack in the eggs.
Add milk, zest, orange juice, cinnamon and pinch of salt.
Gently whisk with a fork until well combined.
Add two slices of bread at a time to mixture and leave to soak for 2-3 minutes.
Heat a frying pan on medium heat and add 1/3 of the butter.
Once butter has melted remove bread from mixture, drain slightly and fry until golden in colour, flip over and repeat.
Place toast into warm oven and repeat process with remaining slices of bread.
To serve place on orange slices and drizzle with golden syrup.
Serve warm


TKW said...

Look at those sweet faces!

Mal Streeter said...

The boys look very happy cooking for dad. I bet dad was pleased with his French Toast. It looks soooo good.