September 20, 2009

Sydney Corporate Catering

It has been far to long since I sat at my computer and delved into the running of my families food habits. We are all still alive and kicking, the boys are trying to eat their way through the weekly groceries and I am still cooking however I have taken on a new roll and as you have found out I haven't been keeping up with everything.....let me tell you what has been happening!

My last blog entry was Father's day as you all know. The day after Father's day I went halves in a business. Monday the 7th was the first day I walked into Sydney corporate catering and this was when my life changed as I knew it. Basically I am running the business, something I am very excited about but also still trying to wrap my head around. Brett, my business partner asked me to go in with him a few months back and I was at a lull in my career wanting something more. The boys were happy, settled and so independent that I thought why not? I wasn't thinking about starting back at full time work until Alex was in kindergarten but as life happens, things don't always go according to plan. With a family 'talk' and weighting up the plus and minuses (more Nic and I than the kids!) I decided to go for it and see what happens.
I vowed to keep the blog up and to keep running.......... Ha, haa after writing that I now realize I had no idea what I was saying good bye to as a full time mum and part time worker.

I have been in the business two weeks now and I have to say my feet are starting to come back down to the ground. My head feels like it as been jam packed with information and I am struggling to keep it all in, usually I have to just maintain the drivel about Ben 10 or the latest footy scores while pushing a trolley around the supermarket isle!
I am loving the new role but also missing the casual, free life I had before. To throw a spanner in the works my start date coincided with Nic's trip to Italia, so as of last Tuesday I am single parenting, working full time and trying to make it to swim lessons, blog, shop blah, blah.... so far I have managed to turn up to work on time, get the kids off to Megan's house so she can drop them at school (the most fabulous friend I could ask for), pack school lunches and do a third of the shopping. I don't know how mum's and dad's who work full time do it, I still have my learner plates on and don't see them coming off any time soon. My sister popped in for a visit Thursday which was great and now my mother-in-law has graciously offered to fly in and help with the boys for the next two weeks so I think I should be able to wrap my head around this new venture.....if not then she might be putting in an urgent S.O.S call to Italy!

I will stop making excuses avid readers and I thank you for hanging in there. I am back and cooking so stay tuned for ultra easy family meals that I prepare after a hectic day at work- we could all be in for a big surprise! But until then (tomorrow- promise) here are a few shots of the food I have been making at work.

Fruit platters for our corporate offices

A sweet and slices platter I am working on..


Mal Streeter said...

Welcome back Milly, good luck with your new business. The food looks yummy, I spy with my little eye caramel popcorn! Lucky clients.

TKW said...

Congrats Camilla! I had a feeling you were up to something, you naughty thing! Best wishes!

Jessie K said...

NICE, Camilla!!! I've been wondering what you've been up to! I've been meaning to write you forever. Looks like you're kicking butt, as usual. Love, Jessie

Peter said...

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Anonymous said...

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