November 19, 2009

What the??

I wish I had a great food safari story to tell you all about. I also wish I had a few photos to show what I have been up in the past week since I blogged. Sadly I have to tell you the truth.
We were robbed last week folks, some little swine broke into my home in the middle of the day through the  front door and proceeded to walk out with all our computers, cameras and anything else we have of value.

I am angry, sad and annoyed to say the least. Not only did someone invade my home but they took with them precious memories of my family that I hadn't yet 'saved' onto the hard disc. Hours of writing, photos, you name it these lousy human beings have come and taken it all from me.
  I look forward to reading what you are all eating and playing when I can manage to steal a few minutes on a friends computer but until life is back to normal for this little blogger.......this is me taking very deep breaths and trying not to think extremely bad thoughts about our recent uninvited guests, I leave you with your own cooking devices.


TKW said...

Oh No! That is Assholery of the first water! I'm so sorry. What a horrible thing and such a loss.

Camilla Baker said...

Very well put, TKW. I am just looking forward to getting a camera adn computer so I can blog to my hearts content once more, I mean we have Christmas aproaching!