May 2, 2010

Schnitzel Holstein

After last week's Saveur-a-thon Nic and I are of the opinion that we should search out a few more of the healthier recipes. When we were putting together last week's 'collections' we looked greedily at the pictures,  read out some of our favorite ingredients and thought nothing about the weeks meals as a whole. This is why we managed to eat not one but two types of crumbed meats, lots of fried food and very little vegetables!
Now don't get me wrong, we loved every last bite, however I think this week needs to be re-directed at a more family health conscious level... there will be no more crumbing of meat and lashings of butter in our house much to the boys' disgust.

On that note I'd like to tell you about the lovely veal schnitzels we ate last week.
When I first saw the picture in Saveur mag (issue 74, page 87) I've gotta tell you I wasn't jumping out of my chair to make it. Nic on the other hand couldn't wait for his veal schnitzel.
My most awesome butcher  came to my assistance and just bashed and crumbed a few veal schnitzels minutes before I walked in, so that cut my prepping time in half- something I am always happy with!
At home reading down the list of ingredients I realised I need to ad lib a bit and make this into more of a 'family' meal. For one thing, both boys were not even touching the anchovies, let alone the pickled beetroot that the recipe suggested as a serving accompaniment. We talked Max into at least trying some capers with his veal, telling him they are very salty and acidic- he loved it (all his favourite flavours).
Of course Alex didn't want a bar of it so he enjoyed his schnitzel and fried egg with oven roasted carrots and potatoes but wouldn't eat the pumpkin.

This is a very quick and easy meal to prepare and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised at the depth of flavour. Adding anchovies and capers really cuts through the richness of the egg, while the texture of the schnitzel had us gobbling down every last bite.
 I don't know when I will go back to this recipe again but I am really glad we chose it (I think I need to thank Nic for this one). I always forget about the beloved schnitzel yet every time I make it in whatever form, it always gets rave reviews from my carnivores!


Bryan said...

Ya' gotta love a good Schnitzel! This is one of my favorite weekday meals. Ok hold the Anchovies and Capers for the kiddos but at least they eat the meat.

This looks wonderful Camilla, I look forward to your next posts.

Barbara said...

I haven't made veal schnitzel in years! This recipe looks soooo good, too.
It's really difficult to please young palates. But I think the trick is to put it out there and hope they try something new once in a while. It worked with us; I have three foodie adult children.