May 25, 2010

T-bone steak with spinach and mushrooms

I think it is fair to say we are having red meat withdrawals. Maybe I am imagining it but I think we are all looking a bit twitchy and deficient these days. I was just thinking to myself I really feel like a juicy steak when Nic blurted out that he thought it had been ages since we last had some beef, and perhaps I could pick up some steaks on my next run to the butchers.
 Coincidence or just great minds thinking alike? Anyway I gave him a knowing smile and headed out the door for another crazy day at the office.
Work has been really busy these past few weeks, so it's fair to say I do forget a lot of things when I drag myself home in the evenings. And it is also fair to say dinner is not all ways on my mind until I've picked the kids up from school, sat them down with homework, hung the washing out on the line (or pulled it in). It is not until I am standing in the kitchen staring at the fridge wondering if there is anything inside that I can put together and happily call a meal.

With Nic's beef comments earlier that morning and my hankering for some red meat I was actually on top of this evening's meal. Earlier in the day I marched myself over to my butchers (helps that he is just across the road from work)  and purchased half a cow.......OK, so it wasn't really half a cow but these t-bones we bigger than my hand! My butcher even made the comment that I could buy two and share them.
Please! I could only imagine the horror and pain it would cause if I rocked home with 2 t-bones for four people. I can just see all colour drain from Nic and Max's faces if I told them they had to SHARE.

So, I was at home steaks in hand while potatoes were boiling away on the stove top.
 The first vegetable dish that popped into my head was sauteed spinach with loads of garlic and a good squeeze of lemon. Yum, what else would work with this meal.....mushrooms.  I was in the kitchen dicing my onions, slicing mushrooms and adding a big slab of butter to the frying pan when the penny drops- the kids would NEVER in a million years eat spinach and mushrooms, even if it was served with half a cow- what to do??
I did the only sane thing I know, I kept on sauteing my spinach and mushrooms while popping a few stalks of broccoli into my potato water and then once it was almost ready, tipped the water out, added some extra virgin olive oil, lemon juice and seasoning then popped the lid on until the steaks were cooked.

Dinner was awesome! We all got our red meat fix for the next month, boys happily ate lemon broccoli and potatoes while Nic and I ate every last bite of our meal and even picked up the bone for a bit of a gnaw.


Bryan said...

Looks Beautiful Camilla! You can never go wrong with a handful of T-bones. I am ready for some red meat too sometimes you just gotta have it.

TKW said...

Now I want a steak at 7 in the morning! Yum!