June 1, 2010

Quick shortbread Kerrygold style

I think it was in our last few weeks left in Chicago that I first tasted this delicious shortbread. I'd invited myself around to my friend Roisin's house for a cuppa on a brutally cold morning. Roisin had/has a magnificent kitchen and it was pure pleasure to just hang out in there and talk while admiring the beauty around me.
Not only does Roisin have a fabulous kitchen, but she also knows how to use it and was regularly knocking out great dishes that would make your mouth water. As it happens on this particular day, she popped this shortbread in the oven before taking the kids off to school (domestic goddess springs to mind...) I was unaware of this little surprise until we stepped inside and I instantly smelled the butter and sugar baking in the oven.
Before I was offered a slice of shortbread I think I scoffed down a piece of her soda bread with lashings of butter and cheese -nothing but the finest Kerrygold of course!. What a gluten I am for fresh bread, butter and cheese on top. I didn't know if I could really fit anymore food in until I was confronted with the sweet slice of home made short bread. With another cup of tea and plenty of time on my hands I dutifully took a slice, fell in love and then ate one more.

This memory came flooding back to me today as I looked out the window and saw nothing but the cold wet clouds of winter roll over Sydney. I told myself I wasn't going to cooking anything today- having a day off from the kitchen.....but what's the point of that when I had time on my hands, a cold miserable day outside and nothing but fond memories filling my head?

This is a very quick and easy recipe that much is true, but I have to tell you it isn't the same without the creamy, salty taste of Kerrygold butter. I might have to plan a holiday to Ireland, loose about 5 kilos before hand and then eat myself into a stupor to kill the craving.
If your interested in this recipe pop on over to the Kerrygold website and whip up your own batch....Oh and while your there you should try my sticky date recipe for utter indulgence.


dinnersanddreams said...

Golden and beautiful. Love it!!

Bryan said...

Love Shortbread, makes the whole house smell like heaven! Looks great Camilla.

TKW said...

Shortbread is my Christmastime guilty pleasure. I love all that buttery goodness!

Mal Streeter said...

You could bring some with you at Christmas time !! Oh did I ask you to make the Christmas cake, remember no cherries or mixed peel !! I will make the pud.

Sophie said...

MMMMMM,...a golden & tasty looking shortbread!