June 29, 2010

Why you shouldn't watch Master chef with your kids!

It was Friday evening and I'd made an early dinner. The boys were all showered but not yet ready for bed so I decided to sit on the couch with them and flick on the box. For all you International readers, Australia is going through the Master Chef boom. It is massive here, we can't seem to get enough of the trials and tribulations of cooking for the cameras. I regularly get asked what I think of the show, do I like it and would I like to be on it??
To tell you the truth, I hadn't watched it at all in Australia. I remember seeing it in the States a few years ago but I just hadn't got around to watching the Australian version.....that was until now. Friday night is the night to watch. The judges and guest chefs/cooks whip up some tantalising dishes we all get to drool over. I was pulled in along with the other 10 million viewers; as were my kids.
After the rhubarb and blackberry souffle crumble was made, I told myself that I had to make that one day soon, perhaps when the next heat wave runs through town. The boys on the other hand were very taken with Donna Hays lesson in cake masking. As she was building her four layered cake with chocolate cream cheese icing, I could see the drool falling from their mouths. Alex blurts out "...I wanna eat that" while Max leans over to me and says "...mum your a chef, so why don't you make that for us?"
I laughed it off and told them to get ready for bed.
The next day I was making our regular family banana cake with the black bananas dominating the fruit bowl (this always happens when Nic is away, he is the only one that remembers to eat them), when Alex sees the cakes cooling on the wire rack and excitedly asks (or did he tell me?) was I going to layer them just like Master chef?
What was I to do? He had that look in his eye, you know the one you never want to crush with a thumping big NO.
That's right I did it. I whipped up a batch of lemon cream cheese icing, cut that banana cake into four and did as I was asked. Now I am no Donna Hay, this much I know but to my two little boys I was their Master Chef and that is all that really matters....extracting the mixing bowl was a bit of a mission, thank goodness I had some cake for an alternative!


Bryan said...

Very nice! Sometimes I am afraid to let the kiddos watch the next design star for the same reason. I will be building some armoire out of cardboard and house paint.

Mal Streeter said...

Okay, so now GD wants one!! Thanks for that. He thought he would give the rhubarb and berry a go this weekend! Let you know how that goes.