March 14, 2011

My meat man is 9 today!

I can hardly believe 9 years ago I was sitting up in bed at 8.30am feeling hungrier than I'd ever felt before. I remember thinking to myself 'Where are the lunch people???'
 Those dry cheese sandwiches a nurse dropped in my lap just after giving birth really didn't enter my stomach, instead they simply attached to the walls of my mouth and slowly turned into a paste with what little saliva I had before I swallowed. My stomach was demanding real food!

 When I was finally wheeled into a room and my squawking baby delivered to me, I couldn't quite believe what was happening. I knew the past 7 hours was hard work and a bit of a blur but it wasn't a baby I wanted to hold- it was a piece of steak, preferably smothered in mustard!

As I sit here 9 years on, I can laugh at myself because the little baby they laid in my arms instead of serving me a yummy t-bone steak would of been thinking exactly the same thing.
What I didn't realise at the time was the baby in front of me would turn into an eating machine and loves nothing better than a juicy t-bone to gnaw on.

We have been on quite a food journey thus far so I shouldn't of been surprised when Max approached me the day before his birthday party and told me what he wanted for a cake- a lemon butter cake with lemon curd in the middle and if I wouldn't mind also making some of that yummy chocolate ganache to go in the centre of the cake. Then he added, dad can make a Transformer symbol out of butter cream icing and that should do it- thanks!

I of course thanked him for giving me sooo much notice and asked him when did he think I was going to 'whip up'  chocolate ganache when it was already 8pm the night before his party as I was just starting on the cake. To this he responded "well OK, leave out the ganache but I still want mini burgers, sausage rolls and meat pies for my party tomorrow!"

You see people, I must of passed on a mental meat gene to Max nine years ago. Instead of oohing and arhhing over my beautiful new born baby I was obsessed with t-bone steak.

The past 5 birthdays after I get Max's food list (yes that is correct, I have been given a verbal/written list of food items he would like to eat on his birthday since he turned 4), I have to wonder if I really did mess with his head in our first hours with each other? If I had a craving for chocolate cake, do you think he would have a sweet tooth instead of a meat tooth?

Whatever the case, my first born is 9 years old today and I am happy to be serving his favourite meal of pork ribs. The day he informs me he is turning vegetarian will be the day I know he's found the beauty in girls but until then- ribs it is!


Bryan said...

Happy birthday to the big carnivore! I love the menu and the Transformer cake rocks it out!

TKW said...

I love the menu for Meat Man's party--so true to his nature! Happy Birthday, Max!