March 6, 2011

Baby Q has landed

 Well the time finally came when Nic and I brought last years Christmas present to ourselves- a BBQ. It's not that we couldn't agree, or that we are not very excited about it- quite the opposite.
It has taken all of three months for us to find a spare hour on a weekend where were could go and select one. I guess having me rocking around on one good leg and one booted one does have advantages!

We are smitten with our perfectly sized Weber baby Q, that we christened it straight away.  In my mind I was going to cook the chook as soon as Nic assembled the Q. Nic, had other ideas!

Your right, I shouldn't complain. It is great to have a partner who is as excited about cooking on the grill as I, but as you all know it is always cool to have the 'first' go with anything new and I think we both felt the same way. This is why, in my mind he had the chicken stuffed with onion, basil, lemon and butter before I could hobble my way over to the kitchen. By the time I'd turned around and began hobbling back toward the balcony, the chicken was cooking away. Oh well not to worry, I have 'dibbed' cooking the steaks Nic bought for sometime during the week and the whole family is getting excited about the other delights we can throw on the barbie.

I am also ecstatic to be able to FINALLY use the cedar paper my good blogger friend Bryan sent me all of about 6 months ago. There is a blog about BBQing salmon coming very soon!

Nic's delicious roast chicken did not disappoint. He served it with roast potatoes and lemon drizzled steamed broccolini. A very simple and flavour packed dinner that was effortless to throw together which gave us more time to eat blue cheese and crackers while sipping a refreshing gin and tonic.

I'm thinking the month of March is going to be dedicated to BBQing- Max has already put in his orders for ribs, pork belly and burgers!


Bryan said...

Bout damn time you got a grill! Looking forward to "Grilling with Nic & Camilla Month"

The chicken looks great! what a wonderful first dish.

Camilla Baker said...

Thanks Bryan, I knew you'd be especially happy!

TKW said...

Grilling with Nic and Camilla? Awesome!

And you are naughty by printing that title--I was thinking, Camilla's been preggers? :)

Mal streeter said...

congratulations on the arrival of your new baby Q, look forward to looking after it! You will both just love it.