May 14, 2011

Lime pickle sandwich

I was giving myself an early mark from work yesterday. I'd had a busy week and I went in early to prepare my morning orders. It was around lunch time (1pm) that I remembered I had leftover tortellini in the fridge at home.
You know the feeling you get when you can taste your up and coming meal on the tip of your tongue?
 I entered the house starving hungry, pulled open the fridge door to discover my husband who HATES leftover anything had beaten me to it and took it to work!

After writing him a quick 'you ba#@$$! for taking the pasta' text, I then had to come up with something else. I looked in the fridge again and found it pretty much empty- typical for a Friday. I couldn't think right, I was hungry, so I took my pouting self off down the street to collect some parcels from the post office and to see what I could find while eating an apple to calm my nerves (I am seriously crazy when the hunger pains kick in).

Thankfully the apple subdued me enough to be in public, however, looking around at what was on offer for lunch nothing excited me. I was half way up the hill on my way home when I decided I'd have a silver side and cheese sandwich...toasted (I have to admit, this didn't excite me either but it was this or another apple!).

Opening the fridge door again I decided against the meat and thought I'd have a fried egg, cheese and jalapeno toasty instead, but as I reached for the jar of jalapenos I spotted the jar of lime pickle and thought that was a better option. I ended up only having mozzarella cheese left so now I was just brimming with excitement.

In the end I was in toasted sandwich heaven with my lime pickle, fried egg and mozzarella toasted sambo. The gooey cheese set off the tart and pickled limes beautifully, not to mention it all being wrapped in oozing egg.
When Nic arrived home that night, he was sorry about the pasta, however, I quickly told him of my creation where he smiled and told me it sounded like a Camilla sandwich indeed!

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Bryan said...

Laughing! Such a good guy I never would have pegged Nic as a lunch stealing ba#@$$!. I know the feeling when you are really set on something and I falls through.

Great recovery though that sammy looks awesome! Good Show!