May 8, 2011

Nic works his magic....again

My sister rang me the other day. We don't talk much toward the end of the months because it's the busiest time for her at work...she practically lives there until months end is finished (some accounting term I have gotten use too over the years).

I have to say I haven't called her in a few weeks myself due to a couple of massive weeks at work. You know that feeling of - please, just let me make it through to the end of the week before falling apart, please!
 Well that is how I have felt. I even rang my mum and asked if she would fly up to help me cook for a few days. Sadly the airlines of today love to make up these ridiculous price tags for last minute bookings- I was back to praying.

I am happy to say I have finally managed a day off, and on Mother's Day never the less!

Anyway, back to my phone call with Tarsh. She was telling me The D-man was as fabulous as ever. She was oozing happiness when she told me he sent her a beautiful bunch of flowers yesterday to cheer her up after a massive week at work.
Wow! I said, young love doesn't it rock! The next sentence to come out of my mouth was, 'I can't remember the last time Nic sent/gave me flowers'.......I guess that is what happens 10 years on? and then I stopped myself and remembered the past week.
 It was in the middle of the week. I'd risen at 5am to get morning tea out for 100 people, plus the rest of my bookings for that day. I didn't manage to finish everything before I picked the boys up from school, so I dashed out grabbed them and had them come back to work with me while I tied up a few loose ends (something they loathe more and more these days).
 I finally finished up at around 4.30 and remembered Max had footy practice at 5pm. we made a mad dash for home, I threw a packet of rice crackers and a mandarin at the boys before jumping back into the car and heading out to football training where I spent the next hour on the phone with last minute clients trying to book in for the following day (I mean seriously, you know the meeting is going to happen so WHY leave your catering to the last second??)

We finally arrive home at 6.30pm and I'm trying to think about dinner, yet all I can think of is how sore my feet were and wondering if I have enough food to feed all these extra clients (a bad habit of mine, I fine it hard to say no!).
As I put the key into the door, I notice the smell of lamb cooking from the hallway was in fact coming from our apartment. Could this be true? Nic was already home?
It was music to my ears and heaven to my nose. Nic ordered us to the table, he had made a fabulous dinner of grilled lamb chops and a delicious Greek salad with pan fried haloumi instead of feta- I was in heaven!

I am so happy for my sister to have The D-man to spoil her and treat her as she deserves, I have never seen her happier. I however, really don't need flowers as much as I think I do- after all I have a husband who knows just when to have dinner on the table, pour me a glass of wine and listen to my endless conversations about flour less chocolate cakes; why do I have to make a billion sandwiches and when can I retire??
I think my Mother's Day came early this year and that was perfect for me.


Mal Streeter said...

I think you have been looking in my windows Milly! What is it about our family! We must slow down a bit .

Bryan said...

How sweet! What a good man you have there.

What is it about people booking catering at the last minute? I used to have clients book a room 7-8 months ahead then call me 2 days before to make them lunch.

Susie said...

I would take lamb (or anything Greek) over flowers any day! Heck, if my better half would toss burgers on the grill after a visual change at work or a big cookie order I'd be thrilled, but lamb? That is one of my favorites!