June 28, 2011

A lamb burger to sink your teeth into

I went to pick the boys up from school today and I was greeted with sniffles, red noses and turned down mouths and yet they seemed perfectly happy. Max is just like his dad, even when he looks like death he never complains about it and just keeps on going. It was only when he told me he was cold that I took notice.
This is the boy who wears shorts and a t-shirt 365 days a year, I mean he was still wearing shorts in November in Chicago!

With that said I packed them off home, cancelled swim lessons and asked the boys what they felt like for dinner (maybe that sounds odd but I knew Max would be thinking of the closest meal time).

BURGERS was the reply I got from both boys and I could of almost sworn it was rehearsed!?

Luckily I picked up some lamb patties at the butcher the other day, so I went to work building MY ultimate lamb burger.

Before I popped the lamb burgers on the grill, I minced a clove of garlic added it to some natural yogurt, finely chopped coriander and added lots of cracked pepper with a hint of salt, stirred it together then left it to meld while I got the rest of the ingredients together which consisted of:
-avocado slices
-tomato slices
-kalamata olives, pip removed and ripped in half
-Persian feta (so good!)
-red oak lettuce leaves
-country grain buns

OK I was ready! Once the lamb was cooked a lovely medium rare, I started stacking and salivating.

With the first bite I was hooked and the way Max gulped his down he must of thought the same. Nic was also loving it, however, he thought it needed a slice of beetroot.
I disagreed and told him when he makes them I'd be happy to try it. Alex said they were yummy.....then decided he didn't like the lettuce (ice burg only apparently) then there was something wrong with the olives....then it was terrible that his brother said something awful to him (nothing was actually said, just the throws of being a bit under the weather I think?).
When dinner was all finished and all that was left on his plate was the lettuce, Alex comes over to me and looks me in the eye and tells me dinner wasn't really very nice. This was when I said 'time for bed!'

Besides my 5 year old opinion I declare lamb burgers a fast, healthy and superb dinner of the fast food variety!


Susie said...

I love them....but when kiddies are under the weather and/or tired, nothing seems to do the trick. My Nic is sniffling too....must be the change of seasons.

Bryan said...

Mmmm lamb! Sounds wonderful! I hope the kiddos get better soon!

Camilla Baker said...

Thanks guys, I looks like this morning was the beginning of a new take on life for them

Eftychia said...

This dish looks really delicious. Thanks for sharing!

Russell at Chasing Delicious said...

Ooh. I love lamb! I've never tried a 100% lamb burger (I have mixed it with pork or beef in the past) but I am very tempted to try this recipe now.

Thanks for sharing!