November 2, 2011

Alex loves all things seaweed

I have been meaning to write this post for a couple of weeks and today is my first midweek day off in over 2 years, so I am doing all the things I want to do.

There were tears on the couch last night. I had just finished the biggest day of catering (Melbourne Cup) and I was relaxing, revelling in the fact that I might not have to do it next year when Alex asked if we could have sushi for dinner because apparently I promised him we could.

I looked in the cupboard and all we had to put in the sushi was tinned tuna (not something I really fancied for dinner) so I told him we could make it tomorrow for school lunch.

'Noooo mum, you promised!', this was when the bottom lipped dropped and a few tears sprang into his eyes.

"Come on mate, I don't think I would of promised making sushi on the day of Melbourne cup?" This seemed to be a reasonable argument from me....but I was mistaken.

More tears poured down his face and I was reminded of the broken promises I gave him a couple of weeks ago when he first asked (oops!)

SO with a 'what a terrible mummy I am.......and we will defiantly make them tomorrow morning before school promise' I think I got off pretty lightly with a few pages of reading from those god awful Pokemon books my boys are loving these days.

Without a word of a lie, we did make sushi rolls this morning and the boys were delighted with their lunch box treats. I was also pretty impressed when I cut up the one they made for me when I sat down for lunch. Although tuna wouldn't be my first choice, it was yummy, tightly packed and fresh so what more could I ask for?

Anyway, back to Alex and seaweed.
I am not to sure when this love of his started but it is something that hasn't disappeared. For his 5th birthday he was adamant that he and his friends would make sushi rolls and whenever he gets the chance he'll nibble on a sheet. In fact when it came to pulling out a sheet of nori paper this morning there were nibble bites in them where Alex happily tells us he helps himself when he is a bit peckish- Oh really!?

Alex was helping me with dinner a week or so ago when he asked if he was allowed to do something different. Me being one to encourage ideas told him that as long as it was tasty I'm sure it would be OK. It was at this stage that he helped himself to my nori supply and started ripping bits off and arranging them on top of the steamed rice I was serving with some fish.

The addition of ripped nori to the rice was a great idea. Max wasn't so keen and opted out but the rest of us enjoyed the earthy taste with our fish and vegetables.
I love that Alex was thinking about flavours and combinations and I loved it even more that he asked if he could try it out on the family meal. If I could just get him to try cooked carrots then I could start him on a whole different food journey but for now I guess I will have to make do with raw carrots and a few more pieces of nori!


Mal streeter said...

Good on you Alex I'm sure it must be good for you, it must be the salt!

Camilla Baker said...

Yeah maybe your right? It certainly isn't because it is green ha,haa

Bryan said...

How awesome! I love it whn the kiddos try out nw things in the kitchen. Great looking sushi Alex!

Susie said...

I love seaweed too! But I go for the salad with that weird texture thing. I love that foodie kids are so adventurous!