February 12, 2012

Paella the kids love

How can you not love a good paella?
Easy to whip up, full of yummy seafood, chorizo and spice not to mention it's excellent for filling my growing boys hollow legs!

I sometimes forget how simple and quick it is to cook a paella at home, and then once I make it I vow to do it at least once a month.......OK this doesn't happen but seriously it should. I mean, my youngest hates risotto. Won't eat it and curls his lip up at the sight of it, however, when I made a beautiful big pan of paella the other night bursting with mussels, pippis, prawns, chorizo and chicken- he was the fist to dig in!

I have a feeling it had something to do with the fun shellfish aspect of a paella. It's interesting to look at, you can pick up pieces of shellfish in your fingers and then eat a spicy piece of sausage with rice afterwards.....what's not to like about that?

 But then again, I wonder if it was the promise of double choc ice cream that really sealed the deal?

I like to think it really was the seafood but photos do speak a thousand words...right?

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Susie said...

My original plan for the birthday dinner was paella...but the birthday boy wanted pasta. Darn. But I am going to make it, I have a small obsession with paella pans and have yet to ever make it. If you say its easy, I'll jump in!