February 1, 2012

Aaron's kitchen

One of my favourite places in Evanston would have to be right here......Aaron and Susan's kitchen.

Not only do I love standing is such a beautiful kitchen with my favourite colour splashed all over their back wall, but I haven't yet had a bad meal come out of this kitchen....and trust me, I've had a few meals here.
When I first walked into their kitchen years ago, I was gob smacked at the beauty and simplicity of the space not to mention the functionality of it. 

It is the central part of the house where friends and family gather in the comfort and warmth of the kitchen while sipping vino and picking at the offerings of cheese and salmon, chatting to whoever is cooking (and that would be Aaron!)

We sat down to a wonderful salad of grapefruit and a new Irish blue cheese the lovely Roisin snapped up from Kerrygold. I wasn't sure it would be a good match but I have to say it worked beautifully and the drizzle of balsamic tied it together beautifully. It was probably a good thing we started with a salad because in pure Aaron style we visited the classic cooking methods of New Orleans and had a fantastic shrimp pasta tossed in cream, spices and some Kerrygold herb and garlic butter (you just can't get in Australia).

I am looking forward to my next visit and will be popping on an apron and helping out instead of just eating and talking like I did this trip, hence the extra kilos hanging on around the waist!

For an extra peek at beautiful kitchens and Italian furnishings check out their website, you never know you might be drooling over your own dream kitchen!

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