April 9, 2012

Pumpkin soup with lime pickle

If I eat another chocolate egg I think my teeth will fall out.
With half my chocolate collection scoffed (yep, a big kid at heart!) I am needing, wanting, craving food of the savoury kind. One of the benefits of having this Easter at home is having the complete use of my kitchen.
Although the cool weather hasn't set in, I was still in the mood for soup, and what soup do we make more than any other soup at chez Baker??? Pumpkin soup!

To give it a little bit of a kick start I sautéed the onions and garlic with a bit of Keens curry powder. I then added the pumpkin pieces, sweating them off a bit and finally adding the water (but only to just cover the pumpkin pieces).
It is a delicious soup as is, and the boys were stoked when I served it up with a crusty loaf of olive bread. I was craving a little more and added a dollop of natural yoghurt to mine and then topped it off with some lime pickle- Perfect!
I got a creamy, rich pumpkin flavour that was studded with the hot tartness of the lime pickle.
A savoury kick that was a hit with the whole family, with or without the pickle!

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Susie said...

Yum! I too need a little savory today. I jumped right off the weight watchers wagon and head first into the baskets of candy (that I bought, how dumb is that?) I was moaning last night, I really felt rotten. Today started off with fresh fruit and Kashi, I feel better already, but am avoiding the scale for a couple of days!