June 30, 2012

Black Forest Cupcakes

A friend of mine has been carrying on about his wife being heavily pregnant with their second child and saying out loud 'when is it going to come already?!' I know he is excited at the prospect of being a dad for the second time but the lady standing next to me listening to his whinging simply said 'Well I think you have the wrong audience for any sympathy here!' Something I am sure he knew but thought he'd try it on anyway.

I was happy to hear his wife delivered their beautiful, healthy little girl in a record 3 hour labour this week and I couldn't be happier from them. Welcome to the world Isabelle!

Instead of buying a cute little toy or a box of nappies I decided to spoil them with something sweet and home made. I sit next to Mr.T in my office job and I noticed fairly quickly he has a sweet tooth. I think it was on the second or third day that he started at the office when I noticed a massive container of melting moments sitting right next to the opened packet of gummy bears on his desk! Although I only work 2 days a week in the office, we have a lot of fun ribbing each other and talking food (what else!). I also quickly learnt his favourite all time cake was Black Forest cake. A cake I swore I'd never make again after spending two days in the pastry section of the Sheraton Hobart Hotel in my apprenticeship days where we cranked out over 100 of the bloody things in two days, (I guess that was how I honed my cake masking skills!).

So, instead of a cake I went about my business and made Black Forest cupcakes.
Firstly I made my favourite chocolate cake recipe, baked them and then cooled the cupcakes. Once cool I then cut away the centres.
Secondly I drizzled some brandy into the centres for a bit of extra punch before filling the middle with sour cherry compote.
Just before leaving to drop them off I whipped up some chantilly cream, something I also haven't made since my Sheraton days (for those who don't know what chantilly is, it's sweetened cream).
Once the cream is piped on over the cherry compote and looking all lush and yummy, I then shaved a bit of chocolate over each one and popped a fresh cherry on top for the black forest seal.

Mr T was looking pretty happy with himself when I saw him, however, when I presented him with the box of cupcakes it was the first time I'd seen him speechless for more than 5 seconds- my job was done!

I'm looking forward to hearing the stories of sleepless nights and seeing some baby photos- there is something wonderful about looking at new born babies that makes you feel good inside.


Anonymous said...

Now you're talking! Forget the presents for the cute baby and give the parents a gift - they're the ones who've put in the hard work! And who isn't going to like chocolate cupcakes? What a good friend you are!

Susie said...

This is the perfect gift! I would much rather enjoy every bite of something made with love, than think about you every time I changed a nappie! (love that lingo!) And although there is no chance, (ok, it's small and would be B A D) you could totally make these for me if I had a baby!

TKW said...

Oooh, this makes my part-German heart swoon! What a great gift!

Camilla Baker said...

Susie if you had another baby, I'd come and deliver them personally! You crack me up :)

Susie said...

So happy to see you back with your comment...I understand how life gets in the way...I have had posts lined up but have actually done very little in the kitchen...don't work too hard!

Susie said...

Where is my Aussie friend? Hoping all is well down under!

Margaret said...

Hmmm - am thinking it might be worth getting in the family way again just for a tray of these! lol.

No, don't worry - I'll just still with 'looking' pregnant. Sigh..

Great post :)