May 19, 2009

Flakey chicken

This week I have been cooking budget meals for kidspot. When I was going over what to make I asked the kids what types of food they enjoy eating (I don't know why I do this to myself!)
 Max rolls off his ready made list of- hamburgers, hot dogs, pizza, mac and cheese with Alex agreeing to everything (Alex hasn't eaten a hot dog for as long as I can remember- trying to feed him a sausage is a struggle!). Seriously Max has said the same food every time I ask him that question in the past 3 years, so now I am convinced he  tells me everything he knows I don't want him to say. I mean come on we haven't had hot dogs since we life the States!
 You know I can't let it go so I pursue:
"But Max what about the grilled fish you  had last week with lemon sauce?" 
"Oh yeah, that was good"
"Or what about the chicken noodles I made this week?"
"Oh yeah, can we have those again?"

Right about now I am rolling my eyes and ask him why he doesn't say yummy meals like the ones I have just mentioned. 
"Mum it is just easier to say the kids stuff- I don't want to get laughed at"
By whom?? I'm thinking, I'm the only one near him. This brings me to my conclusion of seven year old boys. They like a lot more than they lead on, however if they have to choose between a frozen ready cooked meal you pop in the oven, or a delicious home made tasty meal, from what I gather it all comes down to who is around and what everyone else is eating.
 This brings me to flakey chicken.
For budget meals I thought I'd make a seven year old friendly meal. One you could serve to your mate if they happen to come over to dinner and not feel uncool. The combination of Keen's curry powder and cornflakes gives these chicken strips a bit of extra zip. 
I got Max to help me make these and he ended up taking over which was great to see. When I added the curry into the mix Max asked what that was and I told him it was just my 11 herbs and spices- just like KFC.
"Oh cool!" was the response, followed buy "I hope we are having these for dinner".
I have now decided NOT to ask the question of what kids like as their favorite meal as I am pretty sure I won't like the answer. However I will keep introducing the boys to new flavours and maybe the occasional cooking lesson in the kitchen (let's not get ahead of ourselves, Alex will have to wait a few more years until I am this relaxed with his cooking ability). You never know Max may even invite friends over for dinner and be pleased to serve his very own KFC chicken strips or as he likes to call it Flakey chicken!


TKW said...

Hey, Camilla, I think my kids might eat these! Joy!

Camilla Baker said...

Excellent, I just need more kids like yours coming for dinner!

The Kings said...

Camilla - I made these for tea the other night and my boys liked them! :D At first Jalen was like 'it's spicey!!', and turned up his nose, but then after a while he decided they weren't bad! Thanks for the recipe.

Camilla Baker said...

That is great Lisa! See they just need to adjust and then everyones happy.
My pleasure ;0)