May 7, 2009


Vegemite It has to be the number 1 Australian spread and if it isn't then that's not very bloody Australian of us!
 When the boys were born and moving closer to the stage of solid foods I couldn't wait to spread it on thick, warm, fresh loaves of bread with lashings of butter and a scrape of vegemite. I did wonder if perhaps they wouldn't like it- too salty, not sweet enough? To my delight it was a big thumbs up from the get go!
 With both of the boys growing up in America I had to rely on family and friends to bring over jars- there was no way I was going to pay $4-00 for a tiny jar of vegemite when it was my comfort food, not to mention how much we ate as a family. I am happy to say in the six and a half years we were abroad we only ran out once but thanks to a 'grammie visit' we didn't have to wait to long.

Ok so bringing this into the present day, I thought it only appropriate to make some vegemite scrolls for the kid's lunchbox. Alex was delighted to eat them- he was with me in the kitchen and helped scrape on the vegemite and sprinkle on the cheese and to my surprise he managed to sprinkle 60% and only eat 40%- there is a change in the force!
Hot out of the oven they smelled yummy, looked all puffed up and begged to be eaten. The second reason I'll make these again is for the pure fact they stopped them in their hunger tracks for a good solid hour so that is all good in my books.
P.s. If you are a Marmite lover (how could you?) then these will work just as well.


TKW said...

Okay, Camilla, I need clarification. HOW is Vegemite different than Marmite? I've always wondered.

Camilla Baker said...

Good question- Vegemite has a much saltier flavour and basically doesn't taste like your eating tar. Marmite eaters would say the opposite of course. Every time I have eaten Marmite I get this awful after taste in my mouth so I guess you have to be brought up on it to be coaxed into eating it- much the same as vegemite I guess. Are you a marmite eater?