May 1, 2009

What's for lunch?

I don't know about you but I get asked on a regular basis "mummmm what's for lunch?"
If it is something the boys don't really want I have the high pitched sigh followed by the "but mum, is there any thing else?" or my favorite "Yuck! I have had that for like the last three days, why is it always the same?" this is followed by heavy stomping around the house ending in their bedroom with a loud 'BORING!'
For a one off this really is quit amusing and at times funny, BUT at the moment it has been far to frequent for me to do anything but take offence. I started thinking about it and wondered why Max was getting so upset with a salad sandwich and a piece of fruit for lunch everyday. That's what Nic and I have (Alex in day care so he has the fancy cooked lunch which I believe we would trade for the salad sandwich- without tomato of course!). We change it around some days of course- ham one day, tuna or roast beef the next but still a salad sango is still a salad sango.
I was in Woolworth's buying my weight in bread (seriously how much bread we go through scares me!) when I noticed a packed of mini croissants. They were cute, about 10 in a container and look at that- on special. Ok I thought, I'll give you something different my boy! I finished the rest of my grocery shopping and forgot all about the croissants until I got home at 1pm- starving and looking for a quick fix I scoffed the first one without it touching the sides then thought I'd slow down and put a bit of thought into the second and third (seriously they are very small). Sliced ham, brinjal pickle and fresh tomato does taste yummy wrapped up in a buttery croissant, as does chicken, avocado and mayo.
Max was right, we did need a change. As slight as it was by changing the vehicle of lunch I managed to produce a grin from ear to ear when he came home from school last week "MUM, thanks for lunch, it was great- did you know I had a yummy salad croissant AND one with nutella-cool!"
Hear that ladies and gents, I am now cool again just because I changed the vehicle of lunch, now all I have to do is turn our old Ford into a Subaru and I'll be happy- enjoy lunch!
For more new lunch ideas visit Kidsopt for my latest.

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