July 25, 2009

The cafe

I worked the breakfast shift today at the cafe. We usually have a fitness group that comes in every Saturday at 8-am ready for egg and bacon wraps, a 'big roll', or what ever else they fancy after running and jumping all over the place. They didn't come in today, it felt like something was missing to our morning. The hour passed with not much happening at all; I managed to whip up a batch of dark chocolate and cashew nut muffins without interruption (a first), the hollandaise sauce was made at a leisurely pace and all was breezing along. I assumed it was going to be a quiet morning; how wrong was I!
I go my butt whipped to say the least, if I never see another piece of bacon (for the next 12 hours as least) I'll be happy. The fascination Sydney siders have with BBQ sauce amazes me. In all my cooking practice I have never squirted so much BBQ sauce all over eggs and bacon as I have living in Sydney. It must have something to do with the sweet mix of sauce and bacon perhaps? whatever the reason I am now the goddess of egg and bacon rolls and to add to this amazing talent I am the steak sandwich and B.L.T queen!! Not only did I pump out brekkies while Oliver our barrister was getting slammed on the coffee machine, but I pretty much cooked a whole cow in little minute steak size pieces. The smell of steak grilling and the caramelized onions hitting warm Turkish bread and melding with aioli seems to send everyone into a frenzy. You could hear the buzz-
'Can you smell that?'
'What is that? We'll have 4!"
And so that is how my afternoon rolled on, I managed to hang up my scramble apron and don the steak sandwich one. One of these days I am looking forward to actually trying one of these steak sandwiches, but I'll wait until I have only cooked half a cow!


The Kings said...

YUM!!! You are making me hungry!!

TKW said...

Genius! I loooooove your brekkie pic! When can I come over?

Camilla Baker said...

Thanks- come now you'll be just in time for breakfast!

Anonymous said...

I really shouldn't read your blog in the afternoon....all I have in my drawer is a museli bar, just not as appealing as your brekky!