July 9, 2009

Rockin' Robots

I have gone off the beaten track a bit to show case some art that I think is awesome!
Lisa Ryan is an artist with fantastic talent and I wanted to share her work with my readers. I first met Lisa in Evanston, Il. Her daughter and Max hit it off in the neighbourhood park 7 years ago and we haven't looked back since. Lisa told me she was an artist but I didn't understand to what extent until I visited her home and was gob smacked seeing her fruit and vegetable series hanging on her walls. The vibrant colours, accurate attention to detail and the actual image had me captured.
Because Lisa is a mother herself, she had to put her paint brushes down so she could focus on the kids and delve into the madness that parenting brings.
Now her youngest is out of diapers, off to school and giving her a little breathing space, Lisa has launched back into her work and this new series of robots shows how much passion and devotion she has for her art.
Max and Alex love their robots hanging in their room, it gives the walls a new lease on life and has started them off on their own drawing extravaganza (I should buy shares in a paper mill!)
If you have time check out Lisa's website it is well worth a look. I am just waiting to have a beautiful kitchen so I can hang some veggies.


TKW said...

my kids would FLIP over those!

Camilla Baker said...

I hear you, my fave is the robot flying in the sky

Lisa Ryan said...

Thanks Camilla for posting my robots! I'm glad Max & Alex like them. A little bit of Chicago there with you!