October 17, 2009

I'm a finalist!

You know I have always been scared to enter competitions. I remember my first culinary comp as an apprentice, I was working for the Sheraton group at the time and they thought apprentices should enter into the up and coming competitions in the culinary world. I decided I would put my best food forward as a 4th year apprentice and go into the Entree section. I was so proud of my dishes. My friend and fellow apprentice, Karena, worked along beside me. We worked solidly through the night to put out our dishes. My biggest mistake was thinking the judges were actually going to taste the food. I put all my efforts into making my dishes taste fantastic when I should of been putting all my efforts into making the dishes look AMAZING! ( the details you learn after the event.....or perhaps I should of read the rules??)- Anyway, I didn't win and not one of the judges tasted any of the four dishes I made. From that day forth I promised myself I would not put myself through the agony of culinary competitions and have stayed true to my word until now.....15 years later.
Pam, my mother-in law came to stay a few weeks ago and encouraged me to enter into Australia's ABC Healthy recipe competition. Now I thought it was a good idea but I really didn't think I'd do it.....thanks to Pam's insistence I entered my roast veggie and goat cheese recipe. Not thinking I'd actually get somewhere but of course secretly hoping I wouldn't fall flat for a second time- I was delighted, no thrilled, to receive a CONGRATULATIONS email from ABC saying I was one of the ten finalists and will now have my recipe rated and trialled by the public.
Thrilled, elated and totally amazed that I had pulled it off, I am now asking my readers to pop over to the site here, perhaps make the recipe and then rate it so I am in for a chance to go to the next level. What ever happens I am happy to have moved on from my fear of failure and excited to be chosen in the top ten.


TKW said...

I am THRILLED for you and will be making the recipe (and rating it) this week! Congrats!

Camilla Baker said...

Thanks heaps TKW.

Tarsh said...

Congratulations Milly I'll have to make it this week to find out if I like goat's cheese too!

Camilla Baker said...

I can't believe you don't know if you like goat's cheese? I am sure you do. MAke sure you use it sparingly!

Jessie K said...

Congratulations, Camilla! I've been wondering what you've been up to! This dish looks really awesome. I look forward to making it when I get back home to VA (I've been in NYC for a week).

Jo, Paul & Jade said...

Hi Camilla

Well done! That is so cool, will definately try this one! Especially now I am wheat-free and pretty much dairy free (with the exception of goat's cheese!)