October 10, 2009

My Little Cupcakes

Ever since I started work at Neutral Bay, I'd drive past the sweetest little shop called 'My Little Cupcakes' on Ben Boyde rd, Neutral Bay. The glimpses I got from the car always had me intrigued as to what was actually in the shop so today when Nic, Alex and I took a cruise around the area looking at houses etc.. we happened to drive by. I saw it was open and swerved off the road into the only parking spot left (must of been a sign!).
"Back in a minute" I shouted to Nic as I jumped out of the car and into the shop before he knew what hit him.
When you first walk into the shop the smell of vanilla hits you and you can't help but crave a little cup cake. At first I wasn't to sure if they were real or not. They looked fantastic and could of easily been a cool money box for a girls room or a toy keep safe box all dressed up to look like a real cupcake. If this had of been the case I would of been sorely disappointed, alas I put in an order for three of their finest and was happy to see they only had their large ones left. The girl behind the counter packaged them beautifully and then sent me off on my merry way.
I was so hoping they would taste good. It reminded me of the time cupcakes were a big deal in Chicago a few years back. I was dirt poor (hubby still a student, me part time chef with two little kids) and cupcake stores were popping up all over the place, the city was a buzz with these amazing little taste sensations. Anyway my very good friend Sara and I would talk about them and wonder what they were like.
Sara being the unbelievably generous person that she is decided we MUST try these cup cakes and see what all the fuss was about. I was so excited and decided I could surly afford one....or maybe half of one. We walked into the store and were giggling with excitement when we saw the rows upon rows of little cupcakes staring at us. Before I knew it Sara had bought 6 or so and paid for them before I had finished checking out the display. She simply looked at me and said something like "we couldn't possibly just eat one!" with that said we marched ourselves back to the car and said we would wait until we got home to try them......that lasted for all of about two seconds.
I have to say the cupcakes on that day did not blow us away. Don't get me wrong, they were very yummy but for the price I was expecting a taste sensation as was Sara. To this day Sara I have never bought another cupcake. So when I paid a fair price for the three above I felt like it was a huge leap of faith on my part. To avoid disappointment I kept the bag tightly wrapped until sleeping beauty in the back seat woke up, wiped the drool from his chin and Nic and I could make a cup of tea at home.

I was happy opening the bag and seeing the three little beauties sitting there. Biting into my cupcake I was delighted with the texture and sweetness.

It did not blow my mind but that is OK, after all it is only a cup cake and a very good one at that, so Sara (and I know your reading), when you finally make it over here to my side of the world I am going to take you to My Little Cakes and repay the favour......just don't leave it to long.


Anonymous said...

They look soooo much better than the cup cakes I bought you when I cam for a visit!

Camilla Baker said...

Yes, but those were very yummy!

TKW said...

Those are so gorgeous!!!!

Anonymous said...

I just made some blackforest cupcakes, using mudcake for the base and digging a hole in the centre to fill it with ebony cream, then a black cherry, a little raspberry jam and filling it with more piped ebony cream. It was pure and utter decadence - and my friend said "I don't know, a true blackforest cake would be a sponge.."

Camilla Baker said...

Your black forest cupcakes sound fantastic!
As for your friend, you must be feeding them way to well for them to comment like that!