October 26, 2009

Truffled honey

I think I have written this blog at least twice in the past week but each time the photos take so long to download (I am not loving bloggers new layout) so I wonder off to do something else and forget to 'click' and publish. As I am looking through today I am stunned to find almost two weeks have flown by since I posted anything!
In a nut shell my mate Anna gave me a jar of truffle infused honey so I had a play!

I wasn't sure what I was going to do with it but I knew it would have to be with pork because I was having pork cravings. In the end I brought a beautiful piece of pork belly, seasoned it with fennel seeds, pepper, salt and smashed garlic then popped it in the oven to roast. I know you really don't roast pork belly but I have to say I love it roasted. Once it is in the oven you kind of forget about it, let the fat melt away, the skin turns crispy (only if you do a bit of an operation on the the fat directly underneath the skin, otherwise you will NOT get crispy skin- a lesson I learned through trial and error!) and you get time to help the kids with homework- happy days.
While the belly was roasting I managed to get myself some delicious in season broad beans and mixed the beans with cherry tomatoes and your every day garden variety green beans (for bulk). I came up with a tasty little salad where I could incorporate the honey. In the end I poured the truffle infused honey over the warm beans, sprinkled it with Malden sea salt and then pared the dish with a crispy potato rosti.
End result- really yummy! The pork was soft and sweet while the honey was mild yet enhancing the sweet broad beans. The potato rosti added a great texture to the dish.
As for the boys loved the pork, hated the broad beans but liked the regular green beans so I was happy to eat their left overs. The truffle infused honey was quite mild so the boys didn't really notice it- or at least didn't comment on the flavour.
Thanks Anna for the honey and forcing me to do something a little different for dinner, god only knows we all get stuck in the dinner rut, it makes me think I should buy a random ingredient once a week and see what I come up with, however after the week/weekend I have just had with work the only 'surprise' would be actually finding something on your plate!

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TKW said...

Sometimes I think I am the Queen of the Dinner Rut. Good on you for pushing the envelope!