September 8, 2010

Dinner via the blogophere

I wasn't quite sure what we were having for dinner tonight. The boys had swimming which means we are always home later than usual. I started dinner hoping the rest would follow.
 Putting on a saucepan and adding olive oil, onion and garlic usually gets my senses going, then nine times out of ten the rest seems to come. By the time the onions were ready I had decided to make a quick black bean and corn saute, then serve it with the beef flank I saw in the fridge.
With my beans, tomato, corn, coriander and vinegar slowly melding together in the pot I thought I'd hop on line and see what my other fave bloggers have been up to seeing as I hadn't been on for a few days (due to a fabulous weekend away in Melbourne with my hubby to celebrate 10 years of wedded life- which meant loads of napping, movie watching and cocktail hour beginning right after lunch and wearing 'good' clothes during the day light hours).
Nic came home in the middle of me drooling over TKW's shrimp and sesame post and also to let me know that whatever was on the stove, it was sticking and what would I like him to do with it?
Thank god for water is all I can say. With the beans saved I went to get the flank out of the fridge only to find it was still frozen...bugger! I some how made my way over to the computer again only to pray for summer so I could make my own frozen tomato bowls and preserved lemons.
What's this I see on Bryan's blog, breakfast Chilaquiles, ooh they look good. Nic saw the picture too and agreed they looked yummy. This is where my quandary over dinner ended. With my beans already simmering and smelling fabulous I thought I could only do the next best thing and steal Bryan's idea (does that make me a bad blogger?)

Anyway super quick dinner, I poured my bean mix into an oven safe dish, cracked a few eggs in without cracking them (thanks for that tip Bryan), then covered it all with shredded cheddar and popped it in the oven while I steamed up some broccoli.

Dinner was ready in 10 minutes and it looked fabulous. I successfully made another vegetarian meal Max hoovered down before I finished piling pickled jalapenos on my plate!
Thank the heavens I live in the blogging world, otherwise it might of been a very different dinner and with loads more drama.


Bryan said...

Wow, so honored! This looks so wonderful Camilla! I loved the halfway cooked eggs when I made the similar dish.

Bad Blogger!?! NO every time I have seen you rework a dish it has been a huge improvement! I for one love the ideas that we have had back and forth.

Congratulation on 10 years! sounds like a wonderful weekend. Afternoon naps and after lunch cocktails sound just like heaven :~)

Camilla Baker said...

Thanks Bryan...not sure I improve, I think we just see the same dish differently but similar if that makes sense?

Bryan said...

Makes perfect sense. I have almost startled people when I say that a recipe is a "list of ideas that worked well for someone else."

TKW said...

How sweet you are--it's good to know that I'm not the only one who has to pull dinner out of her you-know-what sometimes!