October 31, 2010

Fennel roasted pork with Italian beans

Summer is trying very hard to rear it's head but every now and again we get a cool evening where you have to put a jumper (sweater) on with your shorts. When these days come about I feel I need to make the most of them and whip up a roast or rague just so I don't forget how to make them in the summer months.
When we lived in Chicago it felt like it was winter for 9 months of the year; I use to roast, bake and slow cook with the best of them.
Moving to Sydney kind of put a stop to all that deep, hearty cooking. It was replaced with salads, stir frys  and bbq's for 9 months of the year. People rub their hands together and wrap themselves in gloves, scarves and knee high boots when a hint of a breeze kicks in off the ocean at the beginning of winter, while the Baker family and 90% of all Scottish and English tourists are still rocking around in short sleeve t-shirts and thongs.
We may not feel the nip in the air and run to the cupboard to throw on a long awaited new jumper (I've actually given up on buying jumpers these days!) but I do run to the kitchen, bang on the oven and get right down to a good roast.

Being spring, we have broad beans, peas and the flat long, green Italian beans in season, so as soon as I have a free hour I slowly cook the Italian beans down with some garlic, fresh tomato, silverbeet and a hint of red wine vinegar. If you turn the temp to medium and pop a lid on, you will be so impressed with this fabulous little side dish. It tastes even better the following day on an antipasto, or as is with fresh bread.
I however, served it up with roast potatoes and a fennel and lemon crusted roast pork. Simple and quick, just the way I like it on a week night.


TKW said...

I don't think I've ever had a broad bean? Are they like green beans or more like snow peas.

Bryan said...

Looks wonderful Camilla! We are heading into roast season here so keep these ideas coming!

Sophie said...

Oooh Camilla!!

What a great & delicious looking dinner!

I love it!