October 8, 2010

Steak and greens

This may look like an average family meal you wouldn't get excited about but let me tell you, it got us salivating.

Not wanting to veer from my family health kick, I have been dreaming of green veggies tossed in oyster sauce for the last week. A funny thing to dream about I know, but when I start planning meals I sometimes throw my mind into it and the only way for me to move forward is to make the dish.

However, this time around it was just greens and oyster sauce....not much of a meal as such.
I was back late from work and thought I had beef chuck in the fridge so I was all geared up for a beef and pumpkin curry (with a side order of greens), however, when I opened the bag up I found four tender steaks. 
I thought about it for a minute and then decided if I cut it up and stir fried it with the greens it would be totally normal.... but to cut tender steaks into small strips is just not on in my books, so I did what anyone would do and seared my steaks, banged some kipfler potatoes on to roast and tossed my broccolini in a wok with garlic slices, oyster sauce, a splash of fish sauce and water.

I wasn't quite sure how the family would react? Everyone tried the steak first and was excited about it's tenderness; even Alex got excited and said something along the lines of...
'I hate it when steaks takes months to eat.....this is good'
Max ate his broccolini in record time and wondered if there were seconds- who would of thought such a basic meal would be a big hit? 
Let's face it- anything green goes perfectly with oyster sauce AND oyster sauce is so easy to use for first time users, just dilute with some water, add garlic slices, stir fry then serve. I can guarantee you'll be impressed..especially if you serve it with steak!

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Bryan said...

Looks wonderful Camilla, the steak looks perfect and the broccolini being consumed by Max is impressive