October 25, 2010

Burgers rock!

I feel I could almost be called a burger fanatic. In the past three years I have blogged about pork and pea burgers, beef burgers that actually turned out to be lamb burgers, pork and ginger burgers, veggie burgers and some more about beef burgers...

What is my obsession? I'll tell you why I love them
a) you can be eating dinner within 20minutes of walking in the door
b) flavour packed meal that can be very healthy if you please
c) I NEVER get any complaints from the kids
d) Instant satisfaction with your first bite
e) 101 different versions

Yep, it is true, I love them! Funny thing is, I never really ate them when I was younger (or was that before I lived in the States?) I'd have a burger if I was hungover and needed a greasy Joe fix but that was about it.
Thank goodness I have seen the light and embraced the burger, not to mention the oven fries that go so superbly with it!
 You guessed it, Monday nights dinner needed to be quick and fabulous so I burgered it!


Bryan said...

I Love a good burger! I am with you... great meal all around when cooked right. Drooling over your picture by the way is it wrong to want that at a quarter to 4:00 in the morning?

TKW said...

Unfair! My kids won't touch a hamburger--those little mutants. Yours looks delicious!

Sophie said...

I love a good buger but I allways make them myself,..Like chicken mince & spices, etc or home made halouĆ¹mi burgers or bean burgers,etc. Yours pictures looks amazing!!