July 25, 2011

Potato and silverbeet gratin

July has been a bit of a slow blogging month for me. I'm not to sure why I feel I haven't been cooking blog worthy meals? maybe it has something to do with the ups and downs of work, school holidays and the rain. Let me tell all you non Sydney siders, it has rained for pretty much the entire month of July, it is official that last week was the wettest week in 50 years!

Along with the rain is the cold wind which makes me want to eat heart warming foods. My idea of heart warming foods is a little different from the boys as I found out. I have mentioned before that I LOVE silverbeet or any green leafy vegetable really. I'm not sure what it is about the green leafy veggie variety but I could honestly eat it everyday if it wasn't for the boys hacking every time they see a wilted green on their plate.
It is true I have been known to hide silverbeet in soups that the boys gobble down before realising how good it is for them and I have also braised the green leaf with lentils for a very positive reaction. Therefor it was a surprise to me when I combined silverbeet with potatoes and a white sauce for a delicious gratin to hear the groans and cries of despair when I placed this dish on the table.

"Ooh mum, why did you have to put that green stuff in? why can't we have potatoes like everyone else?" was Max's comment

"Disgusting, I'm not eating eat, even if ice cream is for dessert!" was Alex's response.

Hmmmm, fine with me! Not only did I get to gorge myself on creamy sliverbeet and potatoes I also go a bigger helping of ice cream.
For those of you who have a love of the greens, I implore you to throw some in with your next baked potato dish...you won't be able to stop eating, especially if you have some Gruyere cheese melted on top!

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Susie said...

I had to google Silverbeet and delighted to find it is Chard, which I have a pot of on my deck, growing profusely. I hope this is delicious in a heat wave as well...it has been heat index 46C (115F) here....we are wilting.