July 17, 2011

S'mores by the boys

It was Alex's birthday weekend. I can't believe my little one is turning 6 on Tuesday!
I also can't believe how busy I have been this week with work events. I am only saying this because I feel that I kind of ran out of time to cook up a storm for his birthday.  I felt terrible of course but I have to say the big bowl of lollies, endless array of chips, sushi (bought from my favourite sushi man) and fairy bread seemed to keep them all happy while the mini burgers I did manage to throw together were gobbled down by the parents.

A couple of days before the party I was reading a favourite blog of mine sweetiepetitti and Susie had just posted about s'mores- they looked delicious. When I read further to hear how easy they were to  make I asked for the recipe because I thought I'd whip up a batch for the party. Susie sent me the recipe in record speed- thank you! However, I didn't manage to get to them before the party...bad mummy.

To make myself feel better I bought the ingredients to make them this weekend so Alex could have a little something special on his actual birthday. As I started the process late yesterday afternoon Max decided he would like to help and ended up taking control which I was thoroughly happy about. Of course Alex saw knives being used and decided he MUST help too! I am not quite at the stage of letting Alex loose with a sharp knife so I decided to give him scissors instead and that did the trick.

As you can see by the photos below, the boys had a brilliant time making their treat while all the adults (My sister and The-D man are here for a birthday visit) enjoyed eating them.

Max enjoys seeing the melted chocolate poured all over the scotch finger biscuit base I prepared earlier (we don't have graham crackers in Australia so these were a good substitute).

That's me standing on the side telling him to 'scrape the side and get it all!'

Alex (or is it Harry?) jumps in to help cut the marshmallows, however, I think a few might of gone in his mouth while Max was concentrating on his slicing

Well done boys- a great looking s'mores bar!


Nettie's Blog said...

i have been just telling my friend in USA that we dont have graham crackers here... and that i couldnt remember the recipe for them from when i was there 5 years ago... so if scotch finger biscuits will do just as well...Can you Please...pretty please ...print the recipe with oven times etc for me(because we did individual ones on the camp fire in foil)... i will be for ever grateful

Camilla Baker said...

Indeed I shall Nettie and thanks for stopping by!

Susie said...

No graham crackers???? That's crazy. I shall pack some on my next, (um, first) trip to Australia. Some day. They look delicious and are certainly a friendly bar for kids. The toasted marshmallows are so delicious, we sometimes just bake those. Glad is was a happy birthday.

Eftychia said...

My kids will be thrilled with this desert! It really looks yummy!

TKW said...

Happy Birthday to your lovely boy! Anything S'more is good.

Bryan said...

Looks great my friend and Happy Birthday Alex! Say if you ever want to exchange Grahm Crackers for Vegemite I would be willing, you kinda got me hooked.

Camilla Baker said...

Bryan I am amazed! No one other that other Australians has EVER asked for seconds of vegemite- I will of course be happy to send more for gc's