January 24, 2012

Eating in America- Part 1

December just past seems like a lifetime ago!
I am happy to say I have begun 2012 with a positive outlook and thus far injury free.

The boys and I boarded our plane on December 30th and headed over to Chicago for a well deserved rest and relaxation. It was fabulous to catch up with friends, eat fantastic food and compare notes on what's new in our lives. However, I feel like I have over indulged and I know for a fact that the extra 2 kilos I am carrying around my waist is purely cheese and alcohol!! What else was a girl to do than eat her way through the complete Kerrygold cheese range, not to mention the lashings of butter wedged onto toast in the morning and home made bread in the afternoon- I was making up for lost time.

In the beginning of our adventure we stopped in to Evanston's Union Pizzeria for a feast.

 Alex was behind the camera and insisted we both looked great!

The octopus is a family favourite of ours, but one also couldn't pass on the veal meatballs!

The table was heaving by the time Heather had set us up with a feast fit for a king. The boys finally got to eat the pizza they so fondly remembered from their last visit to Union, while I got to feast on delicious greens that were served with the white bean bruschetta...

I mean, just look at that pizza!

As full as we were, somehow we managed to polish off a chocolate panna cotta...that's Alex's hand going in for the kill!

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Susie said...

I hope you had a fantastic trip! I am sorry I could not catch up with you somewhere, but I look forward to reading your travel food adventures. I have been to the Evanston area, but not to Union Pizzeria, I am putting it on my list!