January 27, 2012

Memphis in a weekend...

Very early on in my trip I needed to head down to Memphis to visit my dear friends Sara and Shawn and to meet their beautiful 8 week old son. I was very excited about this trip because not only was I going to see some wonderful people and get to hold the cutest little baby (OK on par with my boys), I was also hoping to get a glimpse of Elvis's abode and eat a bit of Southern food.

I almost got to meet blogger Sweetie Petitti but as things go it was a weekend when she was out of town, so instead I drove through her neck of the woods and waved hello to her house (don't worry Susie, not in a weird stalking way :)) I wanted to see where she got all her inspiration to bake 1001 beautiful cookies! I am hear to report, it is a beautiful and very green part of Tennessee!

Sara and Shawn gave me a fabulous tour of Memphis and the outlining areas in their massive, kick arse truck. I swear you could hear that beast rumbling down the road a few miles before it was seen..... I have to say it made me feel very safe and almost gangsta like -well as much as this little Aussie could!

Some of my favourite sights and treats in Memphis were as follows:

See I told you he was cute!

Sara and I risking life and limb for a photo.....Elvis doesn't live in such a fabulous neighbourhood anymore.

Excuse the quality of photo but I only had my phone. This was us at the Peabody hotel, a wonderful place where live ducks waddle around in the fountain and then get marched over to the elevators on red carpet and retire to their suite for the night- priceless!

Sara cooked breakfast after being up all night feeding bubs....I think this is the first breakfast she has ever cooked me and it was awesome- go Sare!

An awesome Mint tulip at The Peabody

A fabulous newspaper for the most recently jailed and 'wanted' in and around Memphis for the bargain price of $1......I was wondering if my look matched any on the front cover??

Ooh Corky's meal......yummmm!! so, so good. Wet and dry ribs with home-made beans, really good slaw, not to mention the hush puppies!!

You have to love a shop that calls itself 'Whatever'.....wasn't jumping outta the car here though, wound down the window instead.
So there you have it, my fly by 48hour trip through Memphis. It was fabulous to catch up with my wonderful friends and to make Breck giggle outrageously, not to mention all the fun places we saw. My next stop is back in Evanston where I was treated to a delicious meal by chef Aaron, stay tuned...


Susie said...

This is hilarious! I am so sorry I missed you, but you did hit the Memphis highlights! So funny you did a drive-by! Just Busted is a hoot, and one day I saw someone I knew....I am sure never thought anyone she was friends with would pay a dollar to look at mugshots! Glad you enjoyed your time here, and stayed safe!

Bryan said...

Sounds like a great side trip my friend. Ilove the pictures