March 8, 2012

Blueberry pikelets- an after school favourite

It doesn't get any easier than this people! It has been raining all day, the kids are starving, cold and a bit too. It wasn't a day to hang around the play ground and make small talk while the boys ran their pants off.
This afternoon was all about feeding, keeping the feet dry and warming the belly.
Pikelets are seriously easy, quick and almost 100% guaranteed satisfaction with the fussiest of eaters.
One batch produces about 30 mini pikelets so what they don't eat today goes in the freezer and pulled out when needed.
Alex came up with the idea to pop in some frozen blueberries, while Max pleaded the case for Nutella on top. Of course I could of said no, but instead I obediently grabbed the jar of Nutella and started spreading.

Yummy, yummo! With bellies filled, the boys did their homework in record time and there seems to be a calmness about the mm.

Blueberry pikelets with nutella ROCK!.......but only on occasion otherwise they might loose their calming power, so it's back to crackers and Vegemite tomorrow boys!


Susie said...

I love reading your blog and becoming versed in these Aussie ways. Your kids are darn lucky, I wish some one would make me a Nutella anything on a rainy afternoon!

Jessie K said...

Those pancakes look SOOOO delicious and decadent! Fedex me a few? Ha ha!