March 5, 2012

Circulon cookware

I am about as happy as a pig in mud! Firstly I have been busy with which is awesome seeing as I am giving it a year to see if I can make it my sole business/work- so far so good!

Secondly my work with TVSN just got even better because the wonderful people at Meyer cookware have made me the Circulon chef for the TVSN shows and I have to tell you I am IN LOVE with the stuff!

Not only can I make awesome caramelised onions without having the pot looking like it is 100 years old but yesterday I made a white cheese sauce and it was literally a 10 second clean up! I mean, you just can't get better than that. If your in the need of some new cookware then I whole heartedly recommend Circulon Infinite collection- hands down it rocks my world right about now!


Susie said...

This is fantastic news! Congrats. I know all about pots looking 100 years old, I have a rack of copper (no easy cleanup) that needs hours of scouring to shine again!

Camilla Baker said...

Oohhh copper pots! I'd love some copper pots but for now I'll just have to wait :)