September 5, 2008

Scramble eggs for dinner?

Have you ever thought- crap, I have to have dinner on the table in ten minutes before all hell breaks loose and you are still in the car trying to find a parking spot close to home with the kids in the back seat 'dying' of hunger? Well I have on more than one occasion! It is usually the day I know Nic won't be home for dinner and I have pushed the 'leaving time' to the red zone. Every time the melt down in the back seat happens I tell myself it isn't worth it (yet I'll have the same conversation with myself a month later- go figure?)
Nic would have a fit if I served him eggs for dinner. He isn't a big fan of the scramble variety so when it is just the boys and I, I try to have it for breakfast/lunch or dinner. The thing I love about eggs is it is a protein packed meal, super fast (especially if you scramble) and they go with just about everything. I can fit the 5 food groups into a 7 minute meal- what more could you ask for!

Pouring through the fridge I found the salsa I had made a week or so ago (and yes it still tastes great). The kids wont eat it but I will. Grate up some cheese, cut a few slabs of bread and toast it while putting the eggs on. Once the eggs are almost cooked but still look a little sloppy, I remove them from the heat, add the grated cheese and then fold onto the toast. I top Max and mine with tomato and leave Alex's plan- due to one less argument that I know I won't win. On the side of the plate I serve a little calamata olive and cucumber salad they devour in seconds. We are all fed within 7 minutes of stepping in the house, food groups are covered and no one died of starvation despite the cries for the last 30 minutes.
Scramble eggs for dinner- absolutely!


Mal Streeter said...

This looks like the perfect Christmas lunch! Just add the pudding etc.

Mal Streeter said...

This looks like a wonderful idea for Christmas Day!