September 8, 2008

Veggie Tacos

I have been meaning to make a vegetarian taco for a while now. I know there are millions of different varieties but I wanted one that started to get the kids to eat the foods they tell me they HATE. You might be thinking that sounds mean or 'just let them be and they will work it out later' can do! I believe my kids (and I am sure a lot more out there) truly dislike a flavor or texture when they were younger but I refuse to believe they still HATE it a few years later. I understand as soon as they SEE the food the reaction comes up and that's when I hear "disgusting" or "YUCK" but do they really dislike it????

Last night I was mainly working on Max's taste buds seeing as Alex is still three and will do what ever his big brother does. I made a potato and black bean mix loaded with spinach. Max loathes potatoes and spinach but he is more inclined to try spinach mixed with something- potatoes however are an absolute no, no. This is why I combined them with black beans. The texture is close, the beans have a slightly more powerful flavor and last but not least- I didn't have to tell Max there were potatoes I just focused on the beans and cheese I mixed with it.
The spread above is what the adults ate seeing as the boys don't like guacamole or hot chile's. I also pre-made their tacos so my 'experiment' would work (as you can see the spinach is popping out!).

Verdict- Alex said they were OK and ate half then wanted to go have a bath (I also put sour cream in his for a creamier texture). Max ate down his first two tacos in under a minute and asked for seconds!!!! WINNER!!!
I know I won't be able to do this all the time but I am very happy with  the results and it makes me believe that if they say they HATE some thing it won't last forever- sometimes you just have to mix it up a bit.

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