October 3, 2008

Mini Pizza

I wasn't sure if I should write about this post. I was thinking everyone surly knows about the 'mini pizza' or 'pizza in a flash' as I sometimes call it. Then I thought what the hell, if there is one person out there who doesn't know about pita breads and  pizza then this is for YOU.
Usually when I have pita breads, I will make them fresh. They are really tasty and you can make a lot out of a small amount of dough. However, I was out shopping the other day trying to think of some ideas for dinner when I was standing at the deli counter of the local Greek/Polish/Asian Market and noticed the array of pita breads they had on sale. Some were still warm and felt fresh and inviting. I decided I'd buy a packet and give the boys mini pizzas for dinner when I needed dinner in a flash!
I freeze the pitas so they last longer and taste fresh every time I use them. You can thaw them out on the counter top or pop them in the oven to defrost (this method makes them taste the freshest). When making the pizza version on the pita's I get the boys to make their own. The base is pre-cooked so if I am putting sausage or bacon on I pre-cook it to make sure it's thoroughly cooked. The oven temp is around 400 (220) but they are in for a very short period- approx 10 minutes.
Toppings are really what ever I find in the fridge. On the day we made these I had bacon, peppers, olives and by request from Alex- peas! (that came out of left field). A can of whole tomatoes were crushed and blended with diced onion and oregano then the kids go for it with toppings. I find if they make them they eat them all up and I can get more bits and pieces on top than usual (for some reason they think I sneak in a bucket of spinach or liver into the pizza if they aren't watching??)
Anyway it really is a very fast and yummy meal. We will sometimes have these for lunch on the weekend or make breakfast pizzas. Don't get me wrong, I do love making a pizza crust however it is always great to have a quick alternative you can whip up if you feel a melt down coming on- be it you or the kids!

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Roisin said...

We used to make them on English Muffins for a quickie lunch but I'll definitely try this idea out. The shots look equally as delicious as a fresh crust. Thanks for the top Mommy tips!!