October 10, 2008

Pork for dinner

My youngest Alex has had a sluggish appetite this past week and I am at the point where I don't even feel like cooking for him due to 95% of his meal being left on the plate. I know this is apart of being 3, maybe he is going through a growth spurt or just not interested in food right now. None of this helps however when the dinner hour is upon me and I have Max on the opposite end of the scale- I never seem able to fill his skinny little legs! 
I suggested he finish off his brothers dinner the other night after he cleaned his plate in 30 seconds- I was quickly told that was 'disgusting' and 'just give me extra yogurt' (I am still confused and wondering which part was disgusting?)

Anyhow I had some pork loins in the fridge and suggested sweet and sour for dinner- no interest. I thought about a nice lemon butter sauce but then decided against it due to Alex's mood. Then I remembered one of my favorite ways to eat meat when I was a kid. Cover it in bread crumbs or a batter. I wasn't about to deep fry the pork loin but I did make some fresh bread crumbs (I always have a heap of bread ends in the freezer for crumbs), beat out the loins until they were very thin (the best way to do this at home is place the loin on a big piece of cling film/glad wrap, fold it over the loin loosely- grab a rolling pin and begin to bash until very thin) and then dip them in a crumbing mix of flour, egg and then bread crumbs.
When you are about to cook the schnitzels heat a large fry pan with a combination of olive oil and butter on medium heat and begin to brown both sides. Once crisp, lay on some paper towel and continue until all are done. It is best to do the kids first so they cool down.
Because it does take a little extra time to crumb the meat I made a quick salad with black eyes peas, carrot sticks, cucumber, green beans (cooked) and Greek feta. Dressed it in a red wine vinaigrette and served it on the side.
The salad was a great compliment to the crisp pork schnitzel and we were all very happy with the end result. I can't tell you Alex ate all of his up and asked for more, but he did eat at least 70% and then take himself off to the bath where his Elmo bath bubbles were waiting for him.

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