February 16, 2009

Chocolate Cake

Have you ever felt like making a chocolate cake for some ones birthday OR just to have around the house (this was always a fantasy of mine when I was a kid, so when I left home and had my own place I remember making a big chocolate cake, iced it and stuck it in my fridge where I could eat and look at it when ever I liked. As it happens it sat there for a few days and I only managed to eat half of it before I go sick of it and threw it out!)

My sister was up for the weekend and we were celebrating her birthday (which was in January but she couldn't get a flight until now).  I knew she loves chocolate cake and all our furniture, pots/pans baking trays etc arrived from the States the day before her visit so I was adamant I was making her a chocolate birthday cake. 
My one big problem was, I have at least 50 different chocolate cake recipes to choose from but not a favorite- that is until now. I managed to find a recipe I will make time and time again. It has my three criteria met:
1) It tastes moist and chocolaty
2) Easy to whip up 
3) Delivers the WOW factor

I know there will be people out there with the BEST recipe and the most delicious, more chocolaty etc but I have finally found one I am really happy with and will use time and time again. I have to admit I was really looking forward to making, or more importantly eating the icing (frosting) but I had to for go it for my sisters cake as I totally flaked and didn't buy icing sugar (super fine sugar) due to the down pour of rain that continued to cascade until Tarsh left Sydney!
In the end I whipped up a chocolate cream that worked really well. The licorice all-sorts are a family favorite so they had to go on top. All in all the cake delivered the goods and we devoured it in two days which tells me it will be a family staple for years to come.

Our NEW Family Chocolate Cake Recipe is from the book 'The Complete Book Of BAKING' Edited by Deborah Gray
Due to copyright I cannot republish this recipe.


Mal said...

Sorry I missed the birthday party and the chocolate cake it looks delicious!

The Kings said...

Hi Camilla. Bec passed on that you were wanting to say hi and couldn't contact me via my blog. I'm keen to try your chickpea dip - haven't made it yet, but think I may tomorrow if I get a chance.