February 15, 2009

Vietnamese Sausages

When I was at the butchers the other day I noticed a sign 'Vietnamese sausages'. They looked fabulous raw- pink pork mince flecked with red, white and green bits so I decided to buy a few to try. It was Nic's night to cook while my sister and I kicked back on the couch and caught up with all the happenings of the past few years, sipping a lovely glass of Pikes Riesling (hard life I know!).
 Nic decided to stir fry the sausages with beans, capsicum (peppers) onion, ginger, fish sauce and lemon juice. I have to say the smells coming from the kitchen were fantastic. A mixture of lemon, jasmine (from the rice), cilantro and onion were tantalizing our senses and making our mouths water. When we finally sat down to enjoy the feast- about 30 minutes later, we were all in heaven. With my first bite of sausage came a delicious taste of lemon grass and chilli, followed by the crunch of the vegetables and the aroma of Jasmine rice. I was in heaven and the best part about it was I didn't have to cook!
 I do have to say Nic is very handy in the kitchen but we really can't take any credit away from the actual sausage. They were light, fresh and pumped with flavours of Thailand. It was all agreed we will defiantly have to have a supply of these in the freezer kept on standby for many more quick and tasty meals. The boys however complained they didn't look like sausages (Nic cut them into one inch pieces) and 'why can't we have tomato sauce (ketchup) with them?' Once Max bit into them he was sold, Alex was to preoccupied with the fact he had capsicum (peppers) on his plate to even notice the sausages. In the end he ate everything except the onion and peppers stating he was 'to full' to eat any more!
 I am looking forward to playing around with these little beauties. Why stop at a stir fry, there are patties to be made, even burgers or salads. After all there is always more than one way to skin a sausage!

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Mal said...

Please have some in the fridge when we arrive! Have just finished breakfast, thought a plate of Vietnamese Sausages could go down well also.........dream on.