February 5, 2009

Mi Goreng


People of America listen up, I have news on the noodle front. I think most Australians know about these two minute noodles (so you'll just have to read and agree)- for those Aussies who have never heard of them......... you'd better listen up and then run to the nearest Woollies and grab yourself a packet or two!

 You all know about the Ramen noodles, quick carb fix in under 5 minutes- a little on the salty side but I think we have all eaten our fair share of them in our lifetime (if there is anyone reading this who doesn't know what I am talking about then this post isn't for you!). God knows I have eaten my weight in two minute noodles. When I was a teenager it was trendy in break up the dried noodles, pour the salt mix over them and eat it as is for a snack (that was until we were all told how bad it was for you and we would all swell up if we drank water afterward!).

  I always have a few packets of noodles in the cupboard for the 'just in case' meal or for lunch so now I want to take this a step further and tell you about Mi Goreng noodles. 
For those of you in Chicago I know you can buy them at the Asian grocery stores on Argyle St. For everyone else, try your Asian grocer and if they don't have them ASK them to order them in!

When making these noodles I add my own fresh vegetables like carrots, beans, mushrooms, peas etc. It turns a plain packet of noodles into a meal and if you top it with a fried/poached egg you've just about covered all major food groups. Pop the veggies in with your noodles and cook your egg while the noodles are boiling. In three minutes you will have a delicious, filling bowl of noodles that you can all enjoy. 

What makes these noodles so special is the sachets of flavour that come with them. Make sure you follow the directions on the back of the packet and you can't go wrong. For the kids I leave out the chili sauce packet (the red one) and give then everything else. They even come with a separate packet of dried shallots for sprinkling on top!  Seriously if your a noodle lover you will become a fan of the Mi Goreng, I promise!
 I think they retail for 40 to 60 cents a packet so what is there not to like?  Let me know what you think?


Mal Streeter said...

When life is so busy, we are always looking for tasty quick meals. Thanks for reminding us about Mi Goreng Milly

Barbara said...

We love noodles in this house. Buy them all the time although in Ireland I buy Blue Dragon noodles but same thing. Glad to know they are one of your recommended dishes.